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Online Community

How do I connect to my Online Community?

Locate the dashboard

After logging in, go to the dashboard where your list of projects appears.

Locate the project

Locate the name of the project you want to access and click.

Access the activity

Locate the activity you want to access and click onView Event

View responses and comments

Once inside, you will be able to observe the activity instructions written by the dlR moderation team and the responses of the participants.

filter answers

In the left sidebar,the list of questions will appear that contains that activity: click to move to each of them or scroll down to navigate between them. You can filter the responses by segments or by participants. The buttonShow Options, will activate our sentiment AI to suggest the emotion (Positive, Negative or Neutral) behind each participant's response.

Do you want to create your own notes about what you are reading?

On the answer of the participant that catches your attention, click onAdd information orunderline the text, a box will appear to write your note andclick Save.

Rest assured that these will not be visible to the participants.

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