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Focus group

How to reproduce my Focus Group?

Locate on the dashboard

After logging in, go to the dashboard where your list of projects appears.

Locate the project

Locate the name of the project you want to access and click.

Access the focus group

Locate the focus group (Video Chat) you want to access and click onSee event.


The video of the Focus Group made in playback mode will appear so that you can browse the material at your own pace.At the bottom of the playback screen you will see the transcript. 

Do you want to create your own notes?
what are you looking at?
You have two ways to achieve it:


Select andmark the text of the transcript that most caught your attention.



use the buttonAdd information to identify a relevant moment and use the video player cursor to mark the start and end of your mark.

Add a comment andclick Save.
Comments will only be seen by your collaborators and moderators.

organization of notes

You will see that your notes will be arranged in the right sidebar and you will be able to navigate between them.

exit player

To exit the player, just clickclick on the name of your project that appears at the top left of the screen.

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